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Crewman Kit Always Available in Vehicles

GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 43 ★★

A common annoyance I have had with disabled vehicles in this game is that there usually is no semi-convenient way to recover them once they have been sufficiently disabled. There is always the classic example of one of your squad members being tasked with recovering a logistics truck only to find all the tires have been blown out and no ammunition remains to switch kits. In just about every case, this leads to the vehicle being completely abandoned, only to be returned to the spawn through the respawn mechanic.

A better way to go about this would be to make it so the crewman kit is always available at vehicles without the need to have ammunition stored in the vehicle in order to switch to it. Sure, you could work around this annoyance by making sure that the guy that volunteered to get the truck has a way to fix the vehicle before he sets out but the volunteer is already going well out of his way in the first place, there really isn't any added benefit to the extra complexity. Make it quick and simple.


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