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Grappling Hooks and beyond....

d4rkh4ndd4rkh4nd Member Posts: 1 Civilian

My time in the Project Reality Universe was a long and enjoyable one..that excitement has spilled over into Squad and things have just steamrolled ahead from then.

Squad has moved ahead in leaps and bounds over Project Reality but there are a few things which I do miss such as.....

  • Grappling Hooks, being able to scale any building to set up a defensive or ambush was outstanding.
  • Grabbing the kit from a fallen enemy was superb especially when you had run out of AMO.
  • Dead Dead...great for adding defensive tactics to a situation..(* update Already in the works).

Just a few quick ones I can remember

Does anyone else agree and feel like I do, that these would def make for an even more immersive experience????

Any other game mechanics from Project Reality which you feel would be a welcome one for Squad????


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 127 ★★

    PR's grappling hook has largely been replaced by overpowered "parkour" feature.

    I rather have grappling hooks, at least they make a sound.

  • TPBurrowTPBurrow Member Posts: 10 ★★

    the Breacher kit with his rope and C4 made for some amazing moments in PR, with a Smoke mortar barrage, you could Grapple the top of a T shape and send one Fire team up the rope and one-up the stairs. Totally flanking the enemy. I used to fear that "ker-clink" sound of a rope when you were defending somewhere as you knew you were about to be breached.

    I say Yes to the Grapple Hook :)

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 127 ★★
  • CR8ZCR8Z Member Posts: 32 ★★

    Grapples with an explosive and a shotgun. Yaaasss. Satisfaction.

    While we don't have anything that can take advantage of it, I like the lazing feature in PR. An SL could "laze" a target and any other SL with Lazer binos or assets up in the air with laser-guided munitions could see the target. Then, of course, the lasers would guide the munitions to target. Bitchen.

    I like the old "crate" system in PR for logistics. I think they could maintain the Build/Ammo system now and just be able to drop off two different crates of each type of ammo. Then an enemy could take out the supplies if they found them. Or a logistics squad could scout ahead and drop supplies for a future HAB. Lots of gameplay options.

  • TPBurrowTPBurrow Member Posts: 10 ★★

    OMG I forgot about lazing targets, yeah that was awesome.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 127 ★★

    Laze is what current commander strikes should rely on, instead of marking it himself using UAV(or blindly).

    Also SL marks shouldn't tell the range.

    Not sure why those features were not in-game, since they would solve a lot of issues.

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