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Terrible gunplay and balance problems

EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 127 ★★

-Scope wobble continues well after one stops crawling while ADS.

Solution: force unscope when trying to move when prone.


-Bullet trajectory akin to paintball.

Solution: 1x gravity modifier, not 2.8/2.75

This will shorten the massive gap in ironsight(often blocking view on where shots land) and scope(because it's easier to see where shots land to adjust) and make shooting feel more realistic/fun.

This will also allow AK-74M/RPK-74M/PKP scope to be marked for up to 700m with default chevron at 400m.

Which is also more realistic and balanced. (considering their western counterparts are often marked out to 600m if not 1000m)

Ironsights in game are too much handicaps now due to hipfire being too accurate and precise at range where ironsights are supposed to excel.


-AKM balance problem with recoil(0.85 standing ADS recoil, same as G3) and misaligned sights(shoots too high at 100m). AKMS somehow has less recoil than AKM(0.8 vs. 0.85).

Solution: lower AKM recoil to 0.6-0.7 recoil in line with RPD, fix misaligned sights.


-RPK balance problem with inaccuracy and recoil(0.9, even higher than that of AKM and G3).

Solution: lower RPK recoil to 0.6-0.7 recoil in line with RPD.

This only makes AKMs a bit more controllable, their long range effectiveness is hard capped by the fact that their trajectory is the worst of all primaries(slow speed) and damage dropoff of range is severe(less damage than AK-74M by ~300m if not earlier), and their close range effectiveness is hard capped by the lowest primary rifle rate of fire(time between shots tied with G3/FAL) and the fact that all rifles do 2-shots to torso if both hit torso.


AK-74M balance problem with recoil(0.47 vs. L85's and M4A1foregrip's 0.45), damage(60 is just low enough for one torso and one inner limb shot to fail to down someone from full hp; M4A1's 62 is just enough for the previous combination to down someone), scope magnification/reticle.

Currently AK-74M is straight up worse than L85 in any way that mattered(only "better" at hipfire recoil- which does nothing as hipfire range makes that slight difference irrelevant, and reload speed - which is irrelevant due to it being within 10% difference, and you have to win the firefight to reload, having the worse gun means you often don't).

The scope has less magnification(around 3x) than the main scope of all other factions(typically 4x, even Militia has it) so it's worse at long range, but the gun has no close range advantage(2nd lowest rate of fire, lowest damage when ignoring crewman weapons).

Solution: give AK-74M same recoil as L85, Scoped AK-74M lower ADS time like ironsights, this is possible in real life due to lower magnification(allowing shooter to shoot with both eyes) and good eye relief/fov.

And less damage dropoff/velocity loss at range(equal or overtake 5.56 at 400m) due to superior Ballistic Coefficient of 5.45 rounds compared to 5.56 rounds. And/or add 1 point to AK-74M base damage(60 -> 61 so the ones that survived one to torso and one to inner limbs don't have time to bandage).

Nerf L85 and G3 accuracy to 3moa(L85: 2moa->3moa, G3: 1.5moa->3moa). G3 is balanced otherwise(low rate of fire but noticeable increased damage/recoil, clean 4x optics with range adjustment), 1.5moa makes everyone on MEA basically a marksman(it's highly competitive with militia/insurgent SVD which also has 4x optic and similar damage model).


RPK/RPK-74/M(7moa for RPK, 6moa for RPK-74/M) have worse accuracy than their rifle counterparts(4moa).

GPMGs(PKP: 4moa, M240: 3moa) that are openbolt(implying less single shot accuracy at least) having better accuracy than RPKs.

Suspicion of GPMG and LMG inaccuracies being swapped.

Solution: give PKP 7moa and M240 6moa, MG3 should go even higher at 8moa at best.

Give RPK-74/M 3moa because RPK-74 has no scope and 74M has tracers but not enough magazine capacity to suppress well enough. Consider removing RPK-74M tracers.


RPK-74M is also the worst LMG because it can only carry total of 360 rounds, where as G3 drum can carry 350 rounds. Magazine capacity is 45 vs. G3 drum's 50. Accuracy is much worse on RPK-74M (6moa vs. 1.5moa of G3).

Solution: along with above changes, nerf G3 drum to 4moa, lower vertical recoil by 0.05(0.85 -> 0.8).


M249 firing rate(850rpm) too much faster than IRL(roughly 750rpm or lower confirmed by analysis via audacity on actual combat footage as well as civilian hobby shooter footage)

Solution: lower firerate to 750rpm, which also improves its handling when not bipoded.


RPG-7 fragmentation round trajectory identical to that of HEAT(it's not; it has lower max velocity due to no booster rocket; but that also means it works more like recoiless rifle for better accuracy)

Solution: lower RPG-7 fragmentation rocket muzzle velocity to 152m/s(according to exporter website), decrease frag rocket cost to 20(30->20)


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 127 ★★

    Also give RUS/MIL SL 45 round mags for AK-74M, since everybody else has SL that has a better gun(even INS has foregrip AK or drummag AKM), but RUS/MIL SL gets nothing.

    Fix UK scoped SL having no tracer.

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 62 ★★

    One faction having slightly better weapons than the other makes absolutely zero difference on the outcome of the match. Learn to work with what disadvantages you have and make use of the advantages that you do have.

  • crazycowcrazycow Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    There are some good ideas here, but the changes for the AKM are something that I don't think many players would care for or even notice. It's only available on three kits for INS, one of which is the folding stock version and the other having a drum mag, both of which affect how the gun handles.

    The suggestion to upgrade the RU SL's magazine is a good one, though. Perhaps this change would fit one of the militia SL kits as well, or giving them a scoped AK74 with the wooden stock and lessening the recoil value on that variant. Currently, the MEA, militia and RU SL kits have nothing that makes their rifles distinct from regular optic rifle kits (the MEA squad leader's rifle is actually worse). As ecchi said, I think SLs should always get a little something that makes the optic version of their kit a little more desirable.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 127 ★★
    edited May 25

    The problem isn't just AKM; it's all of the 7.62x39 weapons(AIMS AMD65 SKS included) minus maybe RPD.

    MIL also uses SKS(about time to swap that SKS back to AKS-74U).

    They all have too much recoil(AIMS foregrip doesn't do a whole lot, AMD65 actually has more recoil, SKS has AKMS recoil) compared to 7.62x51, which is ridiculous. Their ballistic properties(slow speed, early/sharp damage dropoff at range) already make them fairly useless(at least worse than typical 5.56/5.45) at 2-300m.

    If they want to, they could lower GP-30 AK-74M recoil(due to buttpad) and give buttpad to SL as well.

    The model is already there, but they won't; because Russiabad. (or rather owi has nobody working on balancing)

    SDK already has foregrip G3 iirc, that's probably going to be added next patch or so.

    Currently MEA is basically "everyone's a marksman" due to unrealistic accuracy on G3 (marksman is basically irrelevant because you can pick scoped AR for 50 round of mostly the same damage/accuracy). It's balanced against blufor(depending on map) and on the likes of Kohat it just slaps RUS around(due to longer range fighting and kornet jeep...etc.).

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 127 ★★
    edited May 25

    Ok then swap all Ak-74M and L85 stats including zoom factor. (and I have all the realism argument for those changes, including L85's lack of functional muzzlebrake, Warping receiver on L85A2 as covered by forgotten weapons, UK's newer 5.56 design being less capable of flesh damage - it being a solid steel core- compared to m855a1/7n39 designs while the older design is no better) Even better, additionally force all scoped L85 to use SUSAT.

    Make UK use L86 with the 30 round mags as automatic rifleman(nerf recoil to AK-74M's as above, nerf accuracy to 6moa, again susat only or ironsights).

    Remove M72A7 from UK inventory because they don't use it.

    And you only get to play on UK when it's available.

    Learn to work with what disadvantages you have amirite?

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 127 ★★

    btw drum mag doesn't reduce recoil last I checked.

  • crazycowcrazycow Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    no, but it does increase horizontal weapon sway iirc

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 127 ★★
    edited May 26

    No, sway numbers are exactly the same.

    I didn't bother checking but I wouldn't be surprised if all infantry primary rifles have copy/pasted sway numbers.

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