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[|56|] Canadian Gaming

WestWest Oh CanadaaaaMember Posts: 2 ★★

56th Canadian Gaming

My name is West, with a few buddies I decided to strike out on my own and see if I can get a Canadian gaming community up and running. We started our servers just over 3 years ago and have been on an upward trend ever since. The name 56th comes from the original MOHAA clan I was a part of way back in 2002, the 56th Canadian Legion, unfortunately with the arrival of WoW the clan membership took a hit and the clan folded. But after about 12 years, here we are again and we are going strong.

While we are not actively recruiting, we do monthly votes and grow through invitation of regulars on our servers and discord. We have grown from 4 guys deciding to pay for our own server box, to a community of over 2000 members with both of our servers consistently ranking in squads top 10. The communities generosity had let us host servers across multiple games and host real life meet ups from Banff to Philly. Whitelist slots are available on our server by donating to one of our several approved charities, our most recent round of donations started at the end of April 21’ and we have already passed $2700 given over multiple charities. All players are welcome, from brand new to 2500 hour vets, you are sure to find something you enjoy. I look forward to seeing everyone come out and see what a subpar Canadian Gaming community looks like.



Server Rules

1. Zero tolerance of racist comments / direct personal attacks towards players.

2. Hacking / Glitching / Ghosting will result in an immediate ban.

3. Intentional teamkilling / asset wasting may result in removal from the server. Heli-ramming and rotor clipping are considered asset wasting.

4. Acknowledge ALL teamkills in all chat. 

5. Squad Leaders MUST have an SL kit / Have a microphone / Use it in English..

6. Do NOT create squads and immediately give away SL, squad seeding. 

7. Any action deemed harmful to server population / cohesion may result in removal from the server.

8. Zero tolerance for unauthorized recruiting for non 56th assets. 

9. All Helicopter/Main Battle Tank squads are limited to 4 players per asset.

10. Any vehicle requiring crewman must be minimum manned by 2 people.



  • kankockkankock Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    very epic 😎

  • Alek- Đubre đevrekAlek- Đubre đevrek Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    I'm only here to declare and pledge my allegiance to Canada, I have played on the servers for almost 3,000 hours

  • YeffyYeffy Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Love both servers, but primarily the 24/7 Heli server! Great community, very helpful! If you aren’t playing on here you should be!

  • 0verWatch0verWatch Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Hello Susan

  • Private BobPrivate Bob Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Hands down best community on the server. I have played almost 1,500 hours on the server which is basically all the time I have on squad and that's happened for a reason. Both admins and players are over 9000/10.

  • Mio HondaMio Honda Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Very cool server😎, all my hours are on there their server

  • CR8ZCR8Z Member Posts: 35 ★★

    Great server! Well done guys!

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