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Join the 1st Infantry Division! [1ID]

1ID Van1ID Van Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hello there we are the 1st Infantry Division we're a Milsim light clan that is built around a strong passion for the game of Squad, Here at (1ID) we understand that real life comes fist so we wont force you into any trainings or events and we will completely understand if you miss or cant attend one. We are also open to all players from all experience/skill level. 

We are a Mislim, but on the light side so we wont make you call people by rank and you wont have to deal with the "yes sir, no sir" hassle because it does not exist at (1ID).

What 1ID has to offer for you?

- Active members and discord "300+ members"

- Global community "we accept everyone no matter where you're from" 

- A friendly and mature environment

- People to talk to and play Squad with our discord voice channels always has about 7-8 people in them at all times 

- New player friendly environment! 

- Training and leadership opportunities

- We do weekly operations from 1-life event's to competitive scrims against other clans

Our requirements for new recruits:

- Proficient in English "We do have an all Spanish, Turkish and Arabic squad"

- Willingness to learn

- Age 16+ 

- Enjoys playing Squad!

If you'd like more information about [1ID] or you would like to join shoot me a message "Discord link coming soon"

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