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Is China using Squad to train parts of their real army?

Dani3lDani3l Germany/NetherlandsMember Posts: 62 ★★

See this screenshot. More and more chinese Squad-"players" are appearing... imagine them all playing mainly one specific Squad-map and that then to be a hint on which country they're preparing to deploy troops to (for UN Peacekeeping operations for example)

your thoughts on this development?



  • DesvergerDesverger Member Posts: 12 Civilian

    I hope they prepare themselves for HAB rushing.

  • JulesBJulesB BelgiumMember Posts: 13

    I don't know man there are 1.4 billion of them but it is kinda weird how this game got so popular over there. I heard that steam had to remove most of its games from its catalog and everything has to get approved by the CCP now in China. I also heard that people who play and buy too many games can lose social credit points. That's right gamers the CCP is oppressing us.

    It is also funny how most of these servers are 90% full while in the west they are all for 100% full with a waiting list or completely empty. It would be interesting to know what the meta is over there.

    I think that your theory might be a bit out their though.

  • Dani3lDani3l Germany/NetherlandsMember Posts: 62 ★★

    For those not aware, CCP - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Communist_Party

  • soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 55 ★★
    edited May 2021

    It's probably because it's a tactical military shooter that doesn't feature PLA troops.

    I don't believe shooters are allowed if they depict PLA troops getting killed / in a negative light.

    Squad is a popular team based shooter, so it's likely popular just because it may literally hold a larger market share there.

    It also doesn't feature blood or gore aside from the little "red puff" so that may be allowed in China, this could also easily be switched to "smoke" just like BF2 did in their region; if this did actually become an issue.

  • Dani3lDani3l Germany/NetherlandsMember Posts: 62 ★★

    It's probably because it's a tactical military shooter that doesn't feature PLA troops.

    aaah true, I remember having seen a chinese battlefield 4 video where USA team fights against USA team... xD (sadly can't find any video that shows it)

    "smoke" just like BF2 did in their region;

    What, I thought BF2 had smoke everywhere o_o

    So you're saying only players in very few countries had to download that BF2-blood patch back then to make blood appear in BF2? O_O WOW.

  • therealDuplextherealDuplex Member Posts: 11 ★★

    Lmao what a silly idea. Squad isn't nearly realistic enough for any military to consider using it for training. Furthermore, if you just hop on the Chinese servers and talk to them, they're normal people.

    Plus, Chinese servers have been around for quite a while, with quite a few players.

  • Dani3lDani3l Germany/NetherlandsMember Posts: 62 ★★

    Squad isn't nearly realistic enough for any military to consider using it for training.

    Well it's good enough to train communication brevity, chain of command and spotting targets for example...

    if you just hop on the Chinese servers and talk to them, they're normal people.

    or maybe some of them pretend to be "normal people" 😶

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 407 ★★

    Too much fake news there.

    Squad isn't popular in China; it did manage to kill off Project Reality there though.

    Imagine thinking social credit deals in points or is in any way related to gaming. (maybe if you borrow a lot of money to pay for MTX and run away from debt... but that's just the usual "kids hitting credit card limit" you hear in the west)

    People who try to talk about "muh ccp" are wrong from the beginning.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 407 ★★

    Also why would anybody train in squad when they can pirate a copy of arma 3 and load up an actual plamod or something?

  • JulesBJulesB BelgiumMember Posts: 13

    I mean it is all over the internet if you look for it. Go and tell these clickbaity gaming news websites that they are wrong then.

    Chinese citizens could always use a VPN to get around these policies as well. IDK if Squad is on the Chinese version of steam they might all be VPN users as far as I know.

    There are still a lot of Chinese servers online if you compare them to other regions. I don't play PR so I don't know if there are more of them down there.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 407 ★★

    Why would I have to tell them they're wrong when they never proved themselve to be correct?

    Yeah Chinese players use vpn, host-editing(that's a thing too btw) to access steam, sometimes posing as Argentinians for better prices.

    PR is dead there, a lot of current squad servers used to be PR servers(as in the klan ran PR servers).

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 407 ★★
  • GunslingerGunslinger Member Posts: 10 ★★

    wow some people sure do have a vivid fantasy :-D

  • BahreinBahrein Republic of SerbiaMember Posts: 21 ★★

    I am sure they have way way way better ways of preparing troops.One of them is called "mandatory army service"

  • Dani3lDani3l Germany/NetherlandsMember Posts: 62 ★★

    But real training is more expensive than it'd be to train something specific in Squad for example

  • BannedBanned Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    That's just silly. If china needs tactical simulation it can create it itself, they are that rich and use it for its hundred thousands of troops training, not few dozen playing squad. As others said squad is too arcadey, not for training.

    Also, someone mentioned about social credit points, while I kinda support that initiative, cuz I think its neat, its not as widespread all around China as american propaganda tries to portray it. In fact, it is an experimental initiative active only in one province afaik, google it. Majority of China doesn't have any social points thing. The more you know.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 407 ★★
    edited May 2021

    People make lots of fake news about it because "chinabad" is the new political-correctness.

    What it really does is just tying extremely bad credit score(I'm pretty sure this is not uncommon anywhere), scam, crime, relations to criminals...etc. to the ability to purchase plane/train tickets and ability to get a loan, for example. So people who have done such things are less able to escape their debt. It's like a more transparent no-fly list(TSA says they don't use credit reports to determine your risk score; but how would you or anyone else know that for sure?). People also ignore the fact that having the superior standing within the system rewards citizens for being helpful to community...etc. Where as today's laws generally neglect rewarding actions that benefit the society while focusing on punishing the wrongdoings. (hence people are more incentivized to just be selfish)

  • invisible.nininvisible.nin Posts: 28 Moderator
    edited May 2021

    Since this thread is turning into a general political topic, and has no legitimate purpose regarding squad. It's due being locked. Please stay away from political discussions on this forum, since it's a game forum.

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