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[BUG] USB Microphone Issue

Tom DelongeTom Delonge Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I've been experiencing the most irritating bug that's cropped up within the past few weeks that I have never experienced before; without fail my USB Microphone will stop working mid game for no distinct reason. The only way to fix the problem is to restart the game completely making it utterly pointless to attempt playing a coherent match. This problem has never occurred for me using a USB Mic for years up until a few weeks ago.

This is not a problem happening on my end as I have tested the issue with multiple different ports, and Windows picks up my microphone in Sound settings regardless of what happens in Squad. I'm fairly certain this is a known game bug as I have seen others mention it on the forums, but I wanted to raise awareness that it's not limited to a couple isolated cases rather I believe it is a common problem for those who use a USB microphone. What makes this problem even more infuriating is that there is no way to tell when the game isn't picking up your Mic until you're barking out orders and the entire Squad is ignoring you. This issue makes the game unplayable for me and ruins whole Squads when I'm the SL.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • BahreinBahrein Member Posts: 25 ★★

    I had the same problem.All of the sudden mic stops working for no reason as i did not do anything.In discord and everywhere else it works like always just not in Squad.And i found this solution that helped me maybe it will help you too.I would have posted the link and all but becose of the ranking thing here i cannot.

    Step 3 – Change the sample rate

    1. On the Microphone Properties window, select the Advanced tab
    2. Select 2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality) from the drop-down menu under Default Format. Then, click OK to apply the changes.

  • BahreinBahrein Member Posts: 25 ★★
  • saltbayfoursaltbayfour Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Type Sound in Windows Start Seach box > Click Sound > Under Recording tab, right click on an empty space and select, Show disconnected devices and Show disabled devices > Select Microphone and click on Properties and make sure that the microphone is enabled

  • StevenTillson02StevenTillson02 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    You can use get help in Windows 10 button to fix all these issues. Most of the time the issue is with drivers or corrupted systems.

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