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Canadian Leopard MBT Invincible after latest update.

DesvergerDesverger Member Posts: 12 Civilian

Just confirmed the Leopard MBT for Canadian side was invincible to impacting rounds and shells from enemy vehicles. Only component to take damage was the Tracks.

Map was Tallil Outskirks Tanks v2


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Vancouver, B.C.Posts: 0 ★★★

    Thanks for the report. I'm going to pass this on to QA for them to verify.

  • DesvergerDesverger Member Posts: 12 Civilian

    Update. After RTB to rearm off the Repair station, going back into the field we were vulnerable again.

  • Oni_ShinobiOni_Shinobi Member Posts: 1 Dev
    edited May 2021

    From our testing, we were unable to reproduce this issue - tested all CAF Leopard variants and all their components / hull, could damage them all.

    Thank you for the report, though! If you could try to keep an eye out for this one in future, we would very much appreciate any reproduction steps (including stuff like what occurred before the bug happened - things like having been present for several rounds before / just having joined, having spawned and died before spawning and entering the tank or not, etc.), and / or some footage of the issue occurring.

  • DesvergerDesverger Member Posts: 12 Civilian

    It was a tank engagement we were in and a BTR also hit us at close range from behind during the same engagement.

    The tank shells impacting were defo hitting as I could see and feel the impacts while sitting in the driver seat. Our guys in the gunner and commander seats were constantly asking me to back up out and how the hull was, so they could feel the hits too. Visually we could see the hull with the flames graphic that lasted a short while.

    And when the BTR rolled in around our rear, he soon afterward said he was ploughing into the back of turret and rear armour with the 30mm cannon. I know that wont do much dmg to tank armour but it should still at least do something to the turret, but again there was no damage to be had other than the tracks being taken out, half by the tank over the water and finished off by the BTR.

    After we got the BTR down and the enemy tank across the water backed out because he was burning, we did exchange conversation in the server global chat trying to figure out what was happening. The tanker confirmed that visually from there end they were landing the hits and visually they were registering.

    It was weird for sure.

  • mc_klappstuhlmc_klappstuhl Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Can confirm this. On Goose Bay we lost both T72 against one Leo while he was hit from both tanks on nearly every aspect.

    Admin confirmed that said Leo was on full health afterwards.

    Similar situation was on Kamdesh MEA vs US. T72 and Abrams changed fire for about 3-5 mins and neither got damage at all. At the end Abrams won when his ammo was nearly depleted and the T72 got hit by mutiple ATs.

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