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How burnt out are you?

saint_lumsaint_lum Member Posts: 7 Civilian

I uninstalled a month ago now, but I think I'll play again soon-ish. This definitely isn't the longest I haven't played for, but what about you guys? How much less do you play Squad compared to the past? And what's the longest time you've gone without playing?


  • Baron Von BoyceBaron Von Boyce Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    3 months when I was on basic training 😂

    Haven't really stopped playing since v9

  • soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 55 ★★

    I play all the time, but usually it's just a couple of hours a week.

    When I first got the game I played all the time, but after the years, i've slowed down a bit.

    The longest i've gone without playing was maybe a couple weeks / months? Can't even really recall, maybe about 2 months?

  • RybecRybec Member Posts: 22 ★★

    About the same for me. In the past few patches I had stopped and waited until the next patch. At this point I'm just having a few hours a week consistently.

  • GlinchGlinch Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Not burnt out at all, just started again actually! Got a new group of friends into squad, so it's fun seeing them learn the ropes. V2.7 brought along some long needed updates so i think it's gonna be a while before i'm done again. All i'm hungry for is content.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 532 ★★

    Completely, I might play again when OWI balances the game and introduce good content that isn't made by modders.

  • BahreinBahrein Member Posts: 25 ★★

    Playing it since 2017 if i remember correctly.

    It was like 12 days for me when i was on an military exercise since i am in active reserves.

  • saint_lumsaint_lum Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    Y'know actually I prolly won't play again soon. There's just so many games I can play that interest me more atm

  • PhoenixstormPhoenixstorm Member Posts: 31 ★★

    I've had enough for now and will take a break. Although the last patch is definitely going in the right direction, the overall package of Squad still feels way too casual.

    I just hope something changes in the future because it's way too monotonous and the same thing over and over again even if you add new factions it's still the same.

  • CharlesMarshallCharlesMarshall Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    I read you, and it's kind of sad. I'm new here, and I've only been here a few days. So far, I like everything more than that. I hope I don't run into the same thing as you.

  • ucansurucansur Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Not burnt out at all, just started again actually! Got a new group of friends into squad

  • VaaSHARKVaaSHARK Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    Been playing since Sept 2015 god knows how many hours only have 1800 on steam wished I could find before steam days... Def had to take a break there for a bit.

  • MrPeachMrPeach Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    Depend of the group i play with or if we get any new content. If i got both im good... but last years was pretty hard with no update :(

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