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Tips & Tricks for Fire Team Leaders

PuotekPuotek Member Posts: 25 ★★

1.      As a Fireteam leader you can place down markers both via the command quick menu using the T key on your keyboard, as well as with the shortcuts that you can set in controls (Default build marker keybind:U). You can also place enemy markers and commands on the map by pressing right mouse button and selecting the marker you want to place.

2.      As a Fireteam leader you can place Fortifications using the command quick menu (hold T), they work the same as for squad leaders, you need to be inside a fob build radious and the fob has to have a certain amount of building supplies to build certain fortifications. You can also rotate buildables when placing using arrows on your keyboard (I recommend changing this to Q & E in controls)

3.      If other squad members are in your fireteam you can hand them over the fireteam leader. You can do this by holding left mouse button on them and dragging them to the Promote to Fire Team Leader box or by right clicking them and selecting Promote to Fire Team Leader This takes off some stress from the squad leader when someone asks for a fireteam leader to mark something. If you are a FTL always check if you can do that instead of your SL.

If you have any other quick tips for Fireteam Leaders post them in the comments ;3


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