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Are we ever going to get proper damege model for jensens?

PuotekPuotek Member Posts: 25 ★★

Jensen’s range is great to learn a lot of things. However when it comes to vehicles it is bad. I do not know why buy the damage model is broken. It is especially noticeable in tanks when testing weak spots. Tanks always deal the same amount of damage to the hull, they one shot the ammo rack and have other weird reactions. They do not work anything like the damage model on online servers. This requires you to learn the weak spots and other things on an online server. Not very readable x-rays on Jensen’s also don’t help that, however we have mods on workshop that show good x-rays on 1:1 scale. But still you cannot test damage and other stuff on solo sessions, because it doesn’t work. Will we ever get a proper damage model on Jensen’s single player that will work the same as the online one on the servers?

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