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Update to the playtest

[Deleted User][Deleted User] United KingdomPosts: 27 Dev

We would like to thank all our community members who supported Saturday and Sunday’s playtest for the v2.7 update, and most importantly, trying to help us reproduce the Logi Supply UI issue.

We are happy to report that no known reports encountered the Logistics Supply issue during the two play tests. We’re grateful to the 30 to 45 players that jumped into the playtest on such short notice, our team has been working hard to put this frustrating issue to rest. We are hopeful that this issue has been eradicated, but will of course continue to monitor the situation as well as player reports!

Thanks goes to all those who reported additional bugs, such as BMP2 unlimited AP ammo, Vehicle Wrecks having no collision, and others. We have fixed those bugs and several other reported bugs found during the weekend tests, which helps us make a more polished release.

Stay tuned for an announcement on when v2.7 will be released live!

-OWI Team


  • GromGrom Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Can you please notify me when the replay feature is being fixed? I want to show my friends all my good moments!

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] United KingdomPosts: 27 Dev

    @Grom The server needs to give you permissions to be able to access the replay tool at this stage.

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