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3SFG Open for Recruitment

Benality.GBenality.G Member Posts: 2

The 3rd Special Forces Group [3SFG] is comprised of members with one purpose. To play squad as the best cohesive unit on the battlefield. We pride ourselves on our resilience in battle as well as our members’ ability to take control of hectic situations and come out on top. We also pride ourselves on our three disciplines: MilSim, gaming, and brotherhood. 

Requirements to Join: 

-We require a minimum age of 16 for membership in the 3rd Special Forces Group. 

-We expect Discipline and Respect at all times. This is required on all 3SFG servers as well as any other server—public or otherwise. 

-Be open and willing to learn, strive to be the best you can, and have fun. 

In 3SFG you will no longer have to wish that you had knowledgeable players in your squad. There will always be someone willing to play squad. We are always training and working to improve our skills and ourselves. With our rank-progression system and leadership opportunities, there is never a moment sitting still and you will always have something to strive for with our unit. 

3SFG is not your average MilSim unit. We train for an extended period of time. Your entry-level training is 8 weeks. During block 2 (out of a total of 3 blocks) of your training, you will be drafted into a team that has weekly training. 

If you are looking for instant gratification, we will disappoint. As a group established in 2008, we don't care if we have 20 members or 400. We would prefer to have two full squads of amazing soldiers that work well as a team, rather than 100 strangers trying to get the most kills. If this sounds exciting to you please be sure to join our Discord, speak to a recruiter, and put in an application on the website.


  • invisible.nininvisible.nin Posts: 28 Moderator

    updated thread creator as per direct message discussion

  • Benality.GBenality.G Member Posts: 2

    We are currently filling IET-019. Need 6-9 Candidates. Join Now!

  • sabre238sabre238 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Hi guys looking a for a server and team to call home I'm 42 current UK armed forces

  • BelogathBelogath MichiganMember Posts: 1 Civilian

    3SFG is currently filling the last few spots for our next upcoming Training class near the end of June. Come secure your spot for the next class today

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