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ICO suppressing fire

CichyCichy Member Posts: 7
just one things about ICO. from what I know, suppressing fire can come only from enemy. that's something not right imo. that effect should come both from enemy and friendly fire. if someone thinking different, give me a reason please.


  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 40 Civilian
    edited September 22
    WE Can have 2 reasons :smile:
    - actually WE Can identify if the supress-fire is  ennemy or Ally. Its easier to recognise friendlyfire. Good mechanics from m'y POV.

    Its not realistic or immersive maybe but the second point is coming.

    - if WE have 100 players, your SQUAD who are during; it will result a "suppress effect" who affect everyone. It will be annoying for everyone.

    I think you Can understand this point of view.

    Of course, it can be possible, and not too annoying with solutions about that . Solutions you could listed with expertise, realistic goal from you games expérience and knowledge from game design, game mechanics systèmes.

    PS : Sorry for m'y Bad english 🙃
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