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small big things

CichyCichy Member Posts: 7
first of all I'm grateful for upcoming ICO but would be good if OWI would not forget about other things which are maybe not so spectacular but very important. and that's why I'm writing that message, to remind and point things which would like to have added.

1. vehicle request - that is not perfect right now. one of the suggestion which I saw here was that it should be a radial dial option. imho that would be good. in addition maybe only SLs and those who get aproved request could seat at driver seat?

2. healing inside vehicles - it was asked many times and is strange that we still don't have it. I don't see that it is something difficult to implement (but I am not dev xD) while already some passengers got special roles like driver and gunner. so it is "only" to give others possibility to heal or even better to do all things like normaly (change weapon, reload etc) except shooting while I understand that is something complicated and difficult to implement.

3. different disembarkation times - simply thinking that should be different time to come out from tank than motorcycle, different from front seat of logi than from back etc.

4. climbing down - we can climb up but when we want go back, often we get hurt. that is something not right.

5. central aim - not sure how to name it but it is about one more aim mode (designated for CQC) which if I'm not wrong OWI has started to implement in ICO on the beginning. hope that it will comeback.

6. observe marker for everyone - while SLs and FTLs can put markers, I don't see why others could not do it. I see that many afraid that then will be too many markers on the map. well, imo it depends how it will be implemented and of course sometimes could be some new player who will use it too often but that is normal problem with beginers and SL should be able to explain how use it right or eventually can kick out that player from squad. in addition, would like to see then change that only SL can give FTLs roles which means FTL could not give that role to someone else. if we come to point how to present it on the map, I would simply see markers with code who have made it, so SL which is first person Alfa team that would be A1 which simplifying would be 1 (like it is now), second person Alfa would be A2, first person Bravo which is FTL Bravo would be B1, second B2 etc.

7. mortars calculator - well, everybody is using mortars calculator from xyz but what is the point that we don't have it implemented in the game? the ways to implement it are many but could be done for example by adding kit MortarMan and that person (maybe also SLs) could have extra marker to make points at map but on which would be visible mortars settings only when MortarMan is using mortar.

8. earpieces - we got sound of effects and voice channels between which we need to make a choice (adjust levels at settings). so either we will nicely hear others voices but no foot steps or will hear every single whisper but then maybe not voice during a firefight. in a real life soldiers using either earplugs or active headphones. would be great to have some kind of implementation of that in Squad.

9. enemy voice - there were questions why we don't hear enemy voice at battle. well, I would not like to hear them in direct form, but maybe the way that you hear some voices but not able to understand? that would be imo quite interesting but in the same time should be not too loud. like whisper when all around is quiet and somebody is talking 5m from you? maybe then people would use also gestures when sneak to enemy position? imo could be interesting.

10. ammo box - SQ community asking for that from long time and I hope some day we will get it. maybe just simple option that driver can unload in place where he is an ammo box with some predefined amount (or less if there is not enough ammo in the vehicle)? so it would be something like Rifleman ammo bag but which stays until somebody will not get it out (friend or enemy)

11. talking SL - we all know problem when squad member says something to SL but he don't hear it because he is talking with other SL at command channel. I don't think that this is intentionally made by OWI so would like get change that when SL using that channel, his squad members can see it even that they don't hear what he is talking.

12. light elements - ok, that is difficult to implement but really would like to see that vehicles are able to drive through light elements like fences, razor wires etc.

13. separate maps - it is about settings. would like to have different settings at strategic (CapsLock key) map and different at tactical (M key). for example at strategic map would like to have bigger icons and players represented by kits but at tactical would like smaller icons and players represented by arrow which indicates direction where they looking. but differences could by more.

14. scoreboard - strange that scoreboard is not saved. at least last 10 matches should be stored or could be added save button. also finally scoreboard could be rebuilt. there were many discussions around that so only want to remind that could be concentrating more on squads/team and less on individuals.

15. match reply - I never been playing Project Reality but I see that they got something what would really really like to have here. it is map where able to see how the players and vehicles been moving during match. that would be great for making tactical analysis after match.

all of this modifications are imho not too difficult to implement but would make a huge difference in plus.


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