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New NA (EST) player looking for group

TheLocalCeleryManTheLocalCeleryMan Member Posts: 1 Civilian
Hello my name is Celery and I am looking for a server to join as a new player (new as in i am literally downloading the game right now). I'm looking for a relaxed milsim with team work and competent leaders but still layed back enough to make mistakes. I would prefer a server that plays all sides please but if not possible any USA faction is preferred. I have experience in casual arma 3 but that can only get me so far. The only thing is if the server has dedicated days for play times it CANNOT be on Wednesday. I would like to obviously be a normal rifleman at first but may look into medic or demolitions after a while. I have no idea how squad works or even what the community is like but I hope to meet new friends on the battlefield! 


  • AwakenShadowsAwakenShadows Member Posts: 3 Civilian
    Hey Celery, I'm the Community Advisor for X-Bit Gaming & Technology! We're a semi-professional gaming and technology community made up of game developers, modders, and are new to the SQUAD community ourselves. I'd like to invite you to come check us out in our discord at discord.gg/xbit. We'd love to see you there!
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