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Welcome to the Squad Forums

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Hello squaddies,

Welcome to the latest iteration of the Squad forums. As some of you may be aware, last year we realized there had been a security breach of our previous forums, which led to a decision to take them down to ensure everyone’s safety at the time.

Within these new forums, you should still have your previous account and avatar in-tact, although posts from the previous forums have not been migrated over. When you attempt to log in, you should be prompted to reset your password.

One of the first things we encourage you to do is refresh yourselves with the Code of Conduct. This CoC applies to all OWI community spaces, and we expect every member to follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

This is just the beginning of our forums revamp, but we thought it best to open them up as soon as we could since we’ve certainly seen many questions about when the forums would be returning, and we’ve missed a lot of the high-level discussions that take place. Over the next couple of weeks, you should see a theme change and new additions that should help make our forums a useful, insightful place to hang out and get the latest on all things Squad.

Welcome back squaddies!


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