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An appeal for streamlined logistics

noosternooster Member Posts: 1 Civilian
Longtime PR and Squad player here. Been fairly disillusioned with squad until the recent infantry combat overhaul playtest, where my faith in this project was restored. I pondered the biggest high-impact changes squad could make to its gameplay formula in the vein of PR, and thought about logistics.

Here are some bullet points:
- PR's supply system is better, faster, and more fun for some key reasons
- The slow process of unloading supplies for helicopters makes the gameplay less fun
- Dropping crates at higher speeds in PR was a fun and is an essential part of the gameplay with AA taken into account because transport helicopters need to remain fast and mobile while making supply runs

My suggestion:
- Add a radial button for helicopters/supply trucks to instantly 'dump' all their supplies, to not have to wait around for them to unload
- Remove the speed restriction for dumping supplies, throwing a reinforced supply crate out of a helicopter or the back of a truck at high speeds is perfectly believable
- Loading supplies into helicopters and trucks should still take time, to not instantly suck up all the unpacked ammo out of a FOB which would make less sense

Perhaps dumping supplies with a double mouse click could instantly 'emergency drop' all the supplies or ammo. Thank you for reading.


  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 154 ★★
    The idea of dumping a supply crate that would then need to be unloaded is pretty cool.  I like that.  I could see a logi bringing up a supply crate, dumping it very quickly and then taking off, and then whoever is left at the crate can unload the supplies on to the fob.  Then the crate can also be used for protection.
  • SloanSloan Member Posts: 104 ★★
    I like larger supply crates being dropped by logi trucks & helis, but it should still require the vehicle to stop. It would be nice to see those kind of crates replacing the deployable static crates entirely. Enabling risky supply runs is a bad move, I'd prefer to see more coordination required instead. When you get fire control over an objective then it should no longer be possible for the enemy to re-supply it.
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