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M1 Abrams imbalanced bugged front armor

Bankir228KramarBankir228Kramar Member Posts: 1 Civilian
You all know that every tank in Squad can be ammo racked through the frontal projection (have couple of questions to ZTZ armor but anyway). So, in order to ammo rack M1A1 or M1A2 in Squad most of the time (90%+) you need to shoot to its front lower plate. And while this 6 sec reloading time monster tries to ammo rack your T-72 and usually has no problem with this task you try to put your best to ammo rack him first using different strategies and etc... but then you find out that you literally can't penetrate this lower plate in many different cases, because it just becomes... impenetrable. I played 1000+ tank hours in Squad and judging from what I've seen I can reliably say that it happens because of even slight height differences. Abrams can be 30 cm vertically lower than your tank and its front lower plate becomes already impenetrable. The same works in reverse when Abrams stands a little bit higher than your tank. Even by the laws of physics, if he stood higher, his reduced armor at the lower frontal plate would be less, because it has a slope, the angle of which decreases with positive height difference. Respectively, the angle of encounter of the projectile with the armor is also reduced. Everything I described above + its other merits like 6sec reloading time results in increased imbalance of this tank in Squad. This tank is playing vs T-72 most of the time. T-72 can be ammo racked much easier (also has almost no problems with penetrating it in different angels and heights), has poor dynamics and 8sec reloading time. I accept all this, as a player, but sometimes i just clasp my head in my hands when i can do nothing with penetrating its lower front plate and make him ammo rack because it just stand 1 meter lower than me..

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