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Infantry Overhaul & Iron Sights

KriechbaumKriechbaum Member Posts: 1 Civilian
Good day,

With the newest overhaul, but also in years before, the iron sights in Squad did not really resemble a realistic sight picture. I understand that before it was to make it easier for some players to "see more".

Now that OWI is doing a healthy turn back to increased realism, i wondered if the eyeball-placement behind the sights would also be taken into consideration again.

At the moment we have some sights that are set correctly and also used correctly by the character, thus giving a realistic sight picture, like for instance the G3. But we also have the new AK12 or the M4 and M16 variants where the character has his eye way too close to the sights.
Not only is it an unfair advantage to have irons that work like a reddot where nothing is obscuring your view. It is also not how these sights are used. 

For comparison the AK12 on the upper left and the G3 on the right. 

Below a real G3 sight (200m) 

The front sights should exactly fill the aperture. Same goes for the M16 and M4, FAL and others. 

The question is: Will this be fixed for all iron-sighted rifles, or will only G3-users have the realistic sights pictures? 

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