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[Suggestion] Quick Reload & Vic exit

AlexIsCoolYoAlexIsCoolYo Member Posts: 4 Civilian
The ability to quickly reload by double tapping R, which would play a much faster reload animation but cause the player to lose that mag entirely would be a nice feature, it's always been annoying to have this really slow reload when getting shot at, especially in a QCB scenario.

Also, the ability to insta/quickly exit certain vehicle types would be much better, e.g. the simir is an open-top fast pace jeep, yet I have to wait for ages to leave. Again this is very annoying when getting shot at in close range and I cannot fire back from inside the vic.

just some ideas :)


  • Mr.KrótkiMr.Krótki Member Posts: 2 Civilian
    Fast reload is an excellent suggestion 
  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 42 Civilian
    edited September 2
    agree. But don't forget its SQUAD, not Escape from tarkov or the other FPS. Each mechanics you love or not, has huge dependencies on each other.
    If we add all the element from the "wishlist" of everyone posted on the forum from 6 years, it will result in a Call of Duty mixed with Arma, Tarkov, perfect dark N64 ! :*
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