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How can I fix Host closed connection error?

35 PAPA35 PAPA Member Posts: 11 Civilian
My buddy and I are both having the same issue. Sometimes it’s X amount of time into the game, but more often than not it’s right when I join I get the error. I cannot reconnect to the server via the reconnect prompt, I have verified game files, restarted steam, restarted squad, restarted my PC, it’s nothing to do with my PC, my internet etc.. I covered those bases. It also started happening randomly, I have played since the last patch and had no issues, it just started happening last night and was unprompted. None of my settings, programs etc. have changed either. It was so pervasive that I quit playing and doubt I’ll return again unless I don’t experience this issue again the next time I play. Anyone know what’s going on with this? I’ve seen numerous threads from as far back as 2021 and can not find a single solution. Any help would be appreciated as it’s one of the only games I play and since I rarely have time to play it is pretty frustrating to experience this issue, especially after having rebuilt my PC earlier this year.
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