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More flexible deployable asset mechanics

SloanSloan Member Posts: 104 ★★
Current problems:

Very arbitrary & game-y mechanics:

- cannot block off key roads/intersections/river crossings or deploy weapons emplacements when they are just a few meters outside of a blue circle
- gaining control over and destroying a HAB doesn't mean that you've actually defeated that enemy position, you need to then go hunting for a radio that's hidden in a bush or building even though you've just pushed the enemy team away and seized critical assets from them

The thing of tactical value does not correspond to where the ticket-loss cost is applied:

- well-defended HAB positions can be totally defeated without actually engaging the position at all if you just go hunting for the radio
- any deployable asset immediately implies the presence of a (probably undefended) radio that you should go after instead

A solution:

Be more direct about what you're trying to accomplish with any restrictions/penalties:

- replace the idea of the radio exclusion radius with a more direct deployable asset exclusion radius, which can be different for each asset and allow interactions between different asset types
- apply ticket loss penalties to the deployable assets themselves, so losing the HAB is actually what costs you tickets

Take advantage of the ability to provide more flexibility:

- allow construction supplies to be provided and used anywhere on the map, with no density limitations or ticket loss due to enemy action
- either: draw ammunition for emplacements from a small embedded magazine and allow riflemen to supply ammo directly as needed, or, draw ammunition for emplacements from the largest sufficiently close ammunition cache if there is one that has enough ammo points available

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