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[Fix] How to fix 99% of Squad problems

RidocRidoc Member Posts: 9 ★★

If you encounter any issues in squad, follow these steps which should fix 99% of problems occuring

1) Delete Cache

ATTENTION: This will delete all bindings and other settings!

Either use ingame settings - Game - on the Bottom: "Clear caches user data"

or enter in your file explorer

%AppData%\Local\SquadGame and delete the Saved file (or only config)

2) Verify Steam Files - Go to your steam libary, richt click Squad and go to settings "Verify Steam files"

3) Reinstall EAC - This can be found in game folder

LOCATION xxx\steamapps\common\Squad\EasyAntiCheat


  • DaydreamerDaydreamer Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    I have to say I was expecting some kind of guide how to uninstall it... I'm surprised.

    Sad story is, that this does fix some things, but far from 99%. Those have to be adressed by OWI...

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