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Bug Report: Server Browser Freezes Game

Eddy0Eddy0 Member Posts: 1 Civilian
Second time trying to post, sorry if there are any duplicate threads!

I have been having an issue for a while now, since around v4.3. Whenever I select the Server Browser or Favorites tab, the game freezes for approximately 30-40 seconds. After which, the servers load in their respective tabs, but if I switch between the two, each time I switch causes the game to freeze again. Same applies if I start to filter or use the search bar to narrow down results. Music still plays uninterrupted.

I have tried reinstalling the game, verifying game integrity in Steam, and I have also tried clearing the cache, but nothing seems to work. Even switching PC's did not help; built a brand new PC and after installing on a fresh copy of Windows, same thing happened. New and old PC were Intel/Nvidia based.

I searched the forums, this was the only post I could find mentioning the same issue. No fixes or solutions were mentioned.

This did not happen on the Squad Public Testing client. Any help would be appreciated!
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