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New Issue - No Audio on SL / Command Chat

ItchypantzItchypantz Member Posts: 24 Civilian
While it is simply blissful, only very recently I have had issues where I cannot hear the SL's Command Chat.  I am always SL.  I am very accustomed to speaking with SLs.  I cannot do that right now.  I like to have long sessions on the same server.

Just the other day, I played about a 10 hour stretch on the same server.  For the first several matches I could participate in Command Chat normally.  Then all of a sudden, I could not longer hear the other SLs.  They could hear me loud and clear.  I was calling for helos and they came!  So I know they could hear me!  But I could not hear them.

Of course, someone will tell me to check my settings.  Which is why I told you that I was on the same server for hours.  Nothing changed.  I could hear the SLs then I couldn't.  I did not mess with anything.  I had a look.  All the settings were exactly as they should be.  SLs in my left ear and the squad in my right.  

I have not reinstalled but I have Verified Files.  There were no corrupt files.
It was not a one-time event.  It is the new state of being.
Please help.
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