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TheLoneRangoTheLoneRango Member Posts: 8 Civilian
I figured given new live is rolling we should have a community account of all the toxic servers and admins that we have had to deal with that inhibit our gameplay experiences over the want of their own.

7th Rangers | Permabanned from this server for placing Howitzers on Skorpo and firing at enemies as they advanced towards base from 2.0km range while mortaring AO. Admin said we were not fighting over any objective despite Howitzer killing M1, Brad MRAP Logi and several infantry. (not including mortar and missile fire at objective) I told admin "Please don't micromanage players and how they utilize assets in the game to benefit the success of the team as a whole either ticket drain or time prevention." Permabanned after.

ThePlayground | Permabanned for using mortars at fob with over 3k ammo, despite conservation of ammo.
Multiple instances of other teams digging down assets or admins refusing to allow specific things like emplacements that are natural available assets to utilize.

There are more accounts of badmins as well and instances in these servers as well as a few others though the others have been more rare occurrences. However I feel like this needs to be an issue that is talked about to negate players from toxic controlled servers and for the fact that having repetitive bans from power strung narcissistic admins puts a bad name on the list of your community player server rep list.   

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