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Game won’t load in 4K, stuck in 1080

EggsDEggsD Member Posts: 4 Civilian
edited July 5 in Game Support

I have the Squad in game display settings set for 4k. The windows desktop and display is set for 4K. Desktop is scaled back to 100%.

When the game loads up it goes into 1080 and the mouse is bound within an area smaller than the screen that prevents me from getting to the settings tab.

A few times, I have managed to get the menu screen into 4K by tab in and out of the game, but it seems pretty random.

I have tried forcing the resolution in the console but that doesn’t change anything either.

I’m not experiencing any aspect ratio problems in any other games, so I assume this is particular to Squad. I haven’t played Squad since I got my 4K monitor.

Any help would be appreciated cos I’m keen to check out the new update.




  • EggsDEggsD Member Posts: 4 Civilian
    Is this a community response only kind of deal, or does anyone do support on these forums?
  • EggsDEggsD Member Posts: 4 Civilian
    Cool forum.
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