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Freedom Land - Squad Unit & Server

GermfreePizzaWIGermfreePizzaWI Member Posts: 1 Civilian

# Summary

This is a new unit focused on teamwork and fun, if you are someone who likes to work together to complete objectives, communicate with your fellow teammates, and use tactics, then this is the unit for you. Rank doesn't give you power here, it is purely to know who is leading on the battlefield. Admins are the only ones who can dish out punishments, and that is only for violating the simple server rules. We still operate like your average milsim, but shoot to remove the toxic behavior of the leaders and power abusers. 

We want to do weekly get togethers on the unit's 100 slot server, to play and have fun on squad without all the dramatic bs that comes with playing the game. If this interests you, join our discord through the link below, it will have spaces since I can't directly post links yet. Yes we are small, but hope to find good members as time goes on.

https:// discord.gg/ qxjgvKg4aj

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