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Banned on discord (automatic ban)

Binge EaterBinge Eater Member Posts: 6 Civilian

some fellow got game banned and he was explaining why he thought he got banned in #squad_general. he said he might has said the R word. the others didn't know when he meant by R word so i tried to type the word in a way that could be understood but of course not designed to insult anyone and anyone directly. i typed the word fire retardant. the message got instant removed which was confusing so i tried the word retardantt. i guess it triggered the profanity detector too much and i got insta banned. i use the discord mainly for support and important things like update. id like to be unbanned as it absolutely not my intention to say the R word and especially towards a individual. i meant to say retardant. which is in not a word used an an insult but a word used to describe something that has slowed down. my discord chat logs will prove that i am not lying about what i said. if you guys need anything beyond what i have already stated please dont hesitate to ask. thanks to whoever is reviewing this

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