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What changes were made to vehicle turrets in V2?

GiraffeGiraffe Member Posts: 1 Civilian

In V2, my old sensitivity no longer feels the same; turrets are no longer capable of exact movements and fine tracking is near impossible. Also, there are stabilizer bugs such as reticle jitter on slopes and reticle lock when looking at 12 o clock from the vehicle and trying to move the mouse slowly. What was changed in V2? I can't find anything in the patch notes relating to vehicle sensitivity, and I really want to recapture my aiming from pre V2, as my old sens no longer works the same.



  • DentonDenton Member Posts: 15

    From the V2 Patchlog:

    Network Optimization for Vehicles with Closed Turrets

    • Extensive network optimization pass on Vehicle Turrets. This provides a significant improvement to network bandwidth usage, which leaves more headroom to replicate things like character and vehicle movement. 

    And from the Playtest Phase:

    V2.0 UAT Update #5 Known Bugs and Issues

    • The new Vehicle Turret system currently has an issue with drifting when low sensitivity is used, this affects Stabilizer both On and Off.
    • The new Vehicle Turret system has an issue where the turret stays moving and desyncs when using the hunter-killer designation right before exiting

    So in the UAT They talk about a "new Vehicle Turret System"

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