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Thank You

bnbray1959bnbray1959 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hello, I have been playing Squad since it first came out. I have well over 4,500 hours of playing time. I merely want to extend my thanks to all the good people involved in creating and maintaining this wonderful game. I am old, disabled and former military. This game has allowed me to get to know other gamers and enjoy myself while sitting down!!! :D I can only imagine the work involved in keeping this game fresh and updated. I do know something about working with large groups of people numbering into the hundreds. I know that there is no possible way to satisfy all the people all the time. The fact is, I have been impressed with how your team has been able to correct and keep the game interesting and evolving. Again, many thanks for all you do to make at least this old dude a happy camper!!! Cheers- Rock Fury


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