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Most memorable SQUAD firefight and or battle you ever fought in

Tiger1zerobravoTiger1zerobravo Member Posts: 10 ★★

What is your most memorable SQUAD firefight and / or battle you ever had the privilege to fight in?

Include a paragraph describing it. Perhaps followed up by video footage you took at the time.


  • soraflairsoraflair Member Posts: 53 ★★

    This was about a year or two ago, I was playing with my group (American Mil-Sim) and we were doing a joint pub game with a British Mil-Sim group.

    We were just running around I believe OP First Light, or some other heavily woodland map.

    We walked up on an enemy FOB except no one saw us.

    We had a berm (Raised terrain) in our position, and I remember calling to get everyone on line. (Forming a straight line, from left to right towards the enemy building the fob.)

    All at once, we opened up on them, and wiped them out and prevented them from building a fob. It was a ton of fun to see a well coordinated ambush actually work out.

  • GeebusGeebus Member Posts: 56 ★★

    I'm split between two different events.

    The first was a match on Yeho where I was playing as the commander. The enemy commander called in a barrage right on top of the objective we were defending. In the hopes of avoiding the strike, I told my squad to run south, away from the village where I had called for a helicopter to pick us up before we were interrupted by the other team. As we ran south, those in the back of the pack were killed by what we were discovering to be a creeping barrage. Shell by shell, everyone in the squad was picked off by the artillery, though luckily for myself, I was just barely in front of the blast, allowing me to survive. As I continued on, outrunning the artillery, the helicopter decided to show up. I told the pilot in command chat to get away from the artillery to which he replied something along the lines of "I'm going to save you commander". He landed the helicopter in front of my path (and the artillery as well) only being saved by the final shells falling short of his chosen spot. We made a quick getaway. I was riding that high of "Holy crap I just outran a creeping barrage" for quite a while.

    The other event was pretty simple. I was squad leading a match on Chora where we had fought the enemy back to their final objective. We had gotten a sneaky FOB on one of the flanks and started to push in. Like usual, I instructed my squad members to keep their guns quiet so that we could get the drop on them. I expected that we would get shot at by the defenders any moment but surprisingly we didn't face any resistance. Once we got to the objective, we found that the only defenders were a couple of guys running mortars and the enemy commander, presumably with his head stuck in the UAV screen. Seeing this golden opportunity, everyone in the squad got their knives out for "stealth kills" and soon the defenders were dispatched and the objective was ours. It may have only been a couple of dudes not paying any attention, but taking an objective with nothing but our knives felt pretty freaking ninja.

  • An0nym0usAn0nym0us Member Posts: 27 ★★

    In this post, Geebus admits he graduated from the Prometheus school of running away from things.

    As for my EPIC GAMER MOMENTS, I've got lots.

    There was the time I drove an IED motorcycle into a full MRAP, any time I nuked the crap out of enemies with command orders/IED drones. The first time I shot a helicopter out of the sky with a TOW launcher was pretty badass, killed/tracked some vehicles with it to that match. Anything to do with armored convoys is badass AF. I could go into greater detail, but I typically like to keep my best stories to myself.

  • Capt. FranklinCapt. Franklin Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    I think my favorite time in squad was a game not too long ago when I was commanding a game on Gorodok. I don't have any footage of the actual game, but I did keep the scoreboard. Although it was extremely hectic fighting over Hilltop, I made some pretty good plays. Killing the whole bunker full of Americans before holding it against wave after wave.

    This was before NPA changed their name from TEAMDIXX...

    Since the photo won't attach due to an error, I'll just say this. I killed their entire team almost twice over, accumulating 81 downs and 4 deaths. While this is becoming more common among veteran players, it was my first high kill game. It motivated me to lead other players to glory.

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