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Thoughts on the squad subreddit top mod's absolute meltdown?

ThoughtexperimentThoughtexperiment Member Posts: 8

/u/imwheat unilaterally shuts down the sub because reddit has started charging for API access.

Users who just want to talk about squad and don't care about moderator drama tell him he should re-open the sub.

/u/imwheat bans them

Banned users report him to the reddit admins

The next day he has a change of heart, makes an "apology " thread and unbans everyone he had previously banned (an implicit admission of his own heavy-handedness).

The people he banned are understandably upset and ask him to step down as head mod, and other users pile on the criticism and downvoting.

/u/imwheat deletes his apology thread and replaces it with a thread where he insults the community and threatens them with more bans.

Users continue to criticize & downvote him

He re-bans users he has just unbanned and then goes on a banning spree inside his own apology thread.

Locks his apology thread.

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