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Recruitment for Clans/Communities & Players

RidocRidoc Member Posts: 9 ★★

I might not post this in the right forum, but it's the best category i found relevant

Having run recruitment myself for the Squad clan (https://fullcontact.games a German tactical shooter and survival game community) since 2015, I have thought about how to make the proces better.

I came up with the idea of matching players and clans like in online dating and thought about creating a profile that would allow both parties to be matched effectively. This led me to the idea of GameClanFinder.com that would bring together the best matches and promote clans effectively, allowing gamers to connect with each other, find gaming buddies, and join gaming teams based on their playstyle and preferences.

I spent a year developing a hobby project to match players and clans like in online dating. My idea was to create profiles for both clans and gamers, with a seriousness level to distinguish between casual, competitive, and pro gamers. I knew that the days and times players are available to play were important, as well as the timezone. Lastly, I took into account the games that clans typically play since clans often play more than one game.

And so, GameClanFinder.com was born. It’s a platform that matches players and clans based on a variety of key factors, providing players with the information they need to make informed decisions and connect with the perfect clan for their gaming needs. One of the main advantages of GameClanFinder.com is the wealth of information it provides to players when searching for a clan, including details about the clan’s seriousness, age structure, timezones, active days, and primetimes.

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