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BUG: Mic Does Not Work While in Que

istrikeri49istrikeri49 Member Posts: 9 Civilian
  • A clear description of what happened and what you were doing before it happened

Friday night I was having all sorts of issues with people hearing me. Sometimes they could, other times they just said I was hot mic-ing or they just couldn't hear me at all. This was getting really frustrating and tried many different Mics and restarted the game after every Mic swap. Eventually on Saturday, after recently communicating with my squad and then they not being able to hear me, I realized the only thing that had changed was I had joined a server que. Quit the que and BAM everyone could hear me clear as day.

  • A video or screenshot, if possible

Hard to capture with a video or screenshot 😅

  • Which layer this occurred on, and which faction


  • Whether others were seeing/experiencing the same


  • If known, which steps can be taken to reproduce the issue

Don't join a server que while in game

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