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29th Infantry Division Realism unit US/EU New Recruitment post

Shaffer_29th_IDShaffer_29th_ID Member Posts: 52 ★★

Hello I am PFC Shaffer the new 29th ID recruiter for Squad Forums.

The 29th has 347 active members. We are a one life event/Drill unit

29th regiment has 2 battalions,4 companies,11 Platoons,34 Squads total.

History of our unit

The 29th Infantry Division was activated on March 14, 2005 playing in both The Trenches and Battle Grounds. The reputable 29th Infantry Division that stands before you today participates in the "realism" community of Arma 3, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and Squad, with past involvement in Day of Defeat, the Red Orchestra Modification, Darkest Hour: Normandy 1944, and Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm, and Arma 2. 

Prior to August of 2008, the 29th Infantry Division was a unit within the Half-Life Modification, Day of Defeat. When the 29th started out in Day of Defeat, there were roughly 17 members, and almost half of them were inactive. Today, the 29th ID has come to be the largest Realism Unit. In April 2021, our unit expanded to a true Regimental size and shows no sign of showing down. Through training and discipline we've gotten to where we stand today. With new members, returning members, and even veteran members with more than a decade of service, we continue growing stronger by the day.

Because of Lighthouse and its efforts, our number are constantly growing. There are many other offices and ways to get involved in the unit; here in the 29th we don't simply "get by." Hundreds of individuals have put forth hundreds of hours building the foundation on which this unit stands today, and we are proud to call ourselves soldiers of the Fighting' 29th!

Those wishing to enlist with the 29th Infantry Division must first understand the following

We do not care about your in-game skill:

Our Basic Training program will teach you all the skills you need to know to get by in a realism scrimmage. After Basic Training, our AIT program will teach you enough about your weapon to make you much better at the game. Some of the worst players in Darkest Hour have turned into some of the best riflemen after two or three weeks in the 29th.

Our schedule is easy:

Some get overwhelmed when they find out the Basic Training schedule - realize that we understand if you cannot attend a day or two, but that we ask you to attend as many as possible. More importantly, after Basic, your schedule is roughly two day and one or two hours per week -- and you can miss those if something comes up! There are so many different drill times that we can always work something out to fit your schedule.


Age 18+

Mic for Communications



Upon enlistment, recruits will enter basic training for a period of five consecutive days where knowledgeable and effective Drill Instructors will mold their charges into the ideal 29ther. Upon proving oneself adequate as "29th Material" and passing the 29th BCT course, a new recruit will be promoted to the rank of Private and be assigned to a squad to begin their career within the 29th.

Basic Combat Training, or BCT, one week of BCT is the ways we accomplish training new unit members, Cadets, into respectable soldiers of the 29th Infantry Division. Our intricate and well organized office, Lighthouse, takes care of BCT and trains every soldier that enters the unit.

So are you ready to join the ranks of the 29th enlist here https://www.29th.org/enlist

It might take a week to get back to you with you BCT date so keep checking in on your submited enlistment on 29th forums or you can say checking in on the start discussion on the bottom of your enlistment post lets us know your still alive.

Do note when enlisting we will be asking which game you want to join the 29th on.

Good example is me i was recruited on rising storm 2 but i picked Squad when joining the 29th.


  • Shaffer_29th_IDShaffer_29th_ID Member Posts: 52 ★★

    Bump up 6/28/2023

  • reynauldxoreynauldxo Member Posts: 3 Civilian
    hey! cannot sign in.
  • Shaffer_29th_IDShaffer_29th_ID Member Posts: 52 ★★
    edited September 5
    hey! cannot sign in.
    so thats what happened. Ok did you get a friend request from our recruit liaison Cpl. Dawn on steam

    was it the password?
  • Shaffer_29th_IDShaffer_29th_ID Member Posts: 52 ★★
    So when you Enlist with the 29th ID we have recruit liaisons that will be sending you friend request on steam. These recruit liaisons are to help you with questions you have and if you having issues and help you with 29th ID squad mods to get you ready for BCT and to keep DIs and ADIs informed if your coming to BCT or not.
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