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Cancelling switching seats or getting out of vehicle can bug you out of vehicle use

Kappa_aiKappa_ai Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Cancelling switching seats or getting out of vehicle action can completely remove your ability to interact with vehicles until you reconnect to the server. After this the radial menu for vehicles will not open even after dying and I could not even exit the vehicle I was in.

I suspect the method of cancelling the switch/exit by hitting F multiple times could be a reason for it.



  • SyvekNzSyvekNz Member Posts: 1 Civilian
    This bug has happened to me 4 times within 7 games I have played this week. Seems to happen when you enter a vehicle and then switch seats or go to exit a vehicle to quickly. Only solution is to reconnect to the server, or have an admin force swap you twice. But even the force swap does not guarantee it will work.
  • sudssuds Member Posts: 35
    Same for me. Not sure the cause but i often press a seat change key then cancel using the exit key
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