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Squad 4.5 Issue Reporting

OWI_IcareOWI_Icare Posts: 14 Moderator

Please report new issues with the v4.5 update here using the following format:

Bug Report Template:

  • Version: x.x (check on the main menu, bottom left)
  • Type: Map- the name of the map/Gameplay/Asset/Sound/Visual/Other bug
  • Description: Describe in detail the issue.
  • Screenshots/Video: Please include a screenshot of the issue and/or minimap location if applicable (and youtube/streamable video link if necessary)
  • Reproduction steps: how to reliably reproduce this bug (make sure it's reproducible in an online server, rather than in offline mode)
  • Any Exploit Bugs that are game-breaking should be sent via https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  • Please do not report bugs from the Offline Testing Range.


  • DocwaggonDocwaggon Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    and the story continues :

    starting from version 4.3 I can't get past the second loading screen, updates 4.4 and 4.5 did not change anything,

    bug reports have been made in both threads.

    what happens: game crashes after the second loading screen (smaller picture, soldier with gun pointing to the right)

    system : win7 64 bit, all updates

    gpu : nvidia geforce gtx1660 super, driver : new installation 474.30 = the latest driver & new installation 474.11 = older version

    verified game files through steam, cleared cache, rebooted, => still crashes

    crash report :

    Fatal error:


    [Line: 258] Direct3DDevice->CreateComputeShader((void*)CodePtr, CodeSize, nullptr, Shader->Resource.GetInitReference())

    failed at C:/buildWork/482dc7ffae9b9a8a/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Runtime/Windows/D3D11RHI/Private/D3D11Shaders.cpp:356 

     with error E_INVALIDARG

    0x000007fefd2db87d KERNELBASE.dll!UnknownFunction []

    0x00000001414661c6 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x0000000141468756 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x000000014141a9ed SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x00000001419de0e8 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x00000001419ca48a SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x00000001419b9ab0 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x000000014297c3fb SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x00000001429822e4 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x000000014297b4c3 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x000000014299d366 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x0000000142996066 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x0000000142997823 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x000000014293b8fc SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x000000014362f625 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x000000014009c358 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x00000001400948b8 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x0000000140094bfa SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x0000000140096064 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x000000014009fb94 SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x00000001443d4e5e SquadGame.exe!UnknownFunction []

    0x00000000775e556d kernel32.dll!UnknownFunction []

    0x000000007774372d ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction []

    After running this game fine for some 100 hours I am not able to start it since the middle of march and I am really sick of it ..

  • gamer2rutecgamer2rutec Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Hello, I ran into such a problem in Squad, when running on DirectX 11 and DirectX 12, the game crashes, updated the drivers, cleaned the game cache, wrote commands to the command line, but it didn't help, I have Windows 10 LTSC. I attach all screenshots and dump files here!

  • kostyashkostyash Member Posts: 1 Civilian
    Constant crashes of the game, simply because you choose any item in the main menu. Video card 3060 TT, 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11700K @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz, RAM 64 GB. New computer, Windows 11 pro



    Fatal error: [File:C:/buildWork/482dc7ffae9b9a8a/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Runtime/D3D12RHI/Private/D3D12Util.cpp] [Line: 684] pResource->Map(Subresource, pReadRange, reinterpret_cast<void**>(&pData)) failed at C:\buildWork\482dc7ffae9b9a8a\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\D3D12RHI\Private\D3D12RHIPrivate.h:1181 with error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED with Reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG













  • sudssuds Member Posts: 16 Civilian

    own player model blocks view on many vics and emplacements.

    Experienced personally on RU heli, US M1151 gun

    Someone commented that "the heli pilot constantly salutes"

  • sudssuds Member Posts: 16 Civilian

    often cannot delete marks on the map with right click. This is a new bug

  • Dani3lDani3l Member Posts: 127 ★★

    Syncing is reeeeally really badly slow on populated RAAS servers (low ping servers even) in v4.5. It takes up to 120 whopping seconds (or maybe even more on weaker servers!) until all map-icons (flags, vehicles, FOBs, HABs, AT mines, ...) are synced to the client. What is causing this?? Is this a server netcode issue or are the OWI-trusted server hosts massively limiting upload bandwiths? 🤨 (it is NOT my ISP, I tested, my connection is totally fine). It's quite frustrating when you join a server and have to waaait waaait waaait for everything to load in super slowly, and you never knowing whether everything loaded in or anything is still loading (for your tactical assessment of the ongoing match)... Please check the video to realize how bad it really is. (I highlight loading objects several times by zooming in and out)


  • harveyharvey Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    with most games i see a problem is reported usually the devs will reply thanking them for reporting the issue and even sometimes some suggestions.After buying this game and still unable to play online after the last update im surprised that a game as popular as this have forms everywhere will loads of problems and no soloutions including the steam forums.Many instances of people saying they cant get a server list up,it is after all an online game,before i get a refund does anyone know a magic and unessesary fix for this problem,im pretty sure the devs are either ignoring problems or they have gone on holiday for a month

  • Dani3lDani3l Member Posts: 127 ★★

    Only thing I've seen is you could test it with a VPN, apparently that did fix stuff for some.

  • TomNedryTomNedry Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    Version: Squad V4.5.1.132579.466-4.27.2-SHIPPING

    Type: Helicopter, Pilot, Animation

    Description: While flying a helicopter as pilot, the "body" of the pilot blocks the view playing some animation

    Screenshots/Video: 3 short video clips from 2023-05-31

    (as i can post no url, please remove the spaces....)

    https : // imgur.com / a / 2HRRRlo

    https: // imgur.com / a / txAtR1l

    https: // imgur.com / a / NCIaNCf

  • TomNedryTomNedry Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    It's the same... Most pilots on my regular gameservers "+++ Deutsche Squad Gemeinschaft: Public +++ DSG | GER" and "[GSG] ✪ German Squad Gaming ✪ GER/ENG" are having the same issues... Every 2-8 minutes there one of these annoying animations, some block your view completely others partly.

    I heard from people that it accours also as helicopter gunner or as a rear passenger of a truck...

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