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Name Militia and US army M4 variants accordingly (accuratly), instead of inaccurately solely "M4".

Dani3lDani3l Member Posts: 129 ★★

Please rename the militia M4 kit (SL) and the US army M4 M150-scoped variant (rifleman) kit to "M4A3" in kit-selection-screen and in commo-rose (when accessing ammo-crate) so that it's finally obvious all of the time to everyone that it's not the super-useful full auto variant.

Please rename all those M4A3s in those kits (wherever they are found in US army, Militia and USMC factions) to M4A3 (instead of just "M4"), for all us players who see "M4" and expect "omggg yessss an M4 that finally is useful in CQB due to it's full auto mode! I'm gonna spray all those ......es into pieces!!! 🤩🤩🤩" only to be disappointed after attempting to switch it into full auto... 😭

Most players (especially all us Project Reality veterans) enjoy the way-more CQB-useful M4A1 a looooot more than all those many M4A3s that are found throughout Squad.

Thank you!


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