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Self-destruct vehicles feature

MustD1eMustD1e Member Posts: 5 Civilian

I suggest add self-destruct vehicles feature:

the squad leader has the ability to set a timer for self-destruction on his vehicle (supply truck, truck, light vehicle);

to do this vehicle must be empty;

if anyone requests the vehicles (press F or sit in it) the explosion is canceled.

Why is it needed? There are times when the leaders of the squads are not going to take the trucks back. Because they are far from the base, or the squad is killed and there is no way to return the truck. In this case, you have to ask your squad to shoot the equipment on their own, this can attract the enemy. Otherwise, the vehicle will be abandoned.

Self-destruct vehicle: after the squad disembarks, the squad leader can approach the vehicles and plant explosives (by pressing F), for example, for 30 seconds.

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