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Press Start Gaming

GabeValentineGabeValentine Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Press Start Gaming is a learning friendly community welcoming Squad players of all skill levels.

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PSG has 2 licensed Squad servers, located NA-West and NA-Central. We also have a Training and Event server in Squad's custom browser, a Rising Storm 2 campaign-mode server, and several Minecraft servers (vanilla, modded, challenge).

PSG frequently hosts a variety of community events including casual gaming, competitive Squad (coalition team for skirmishes and tournaments), custom game-types and mods, non-game social events, and more. Currently hosting the Galactic Contention mod on PSG West Coast server!

PSG offers one-on-one training and advice from knowledgeable Squad players in several subjects on a schedule that works for you and will soon offer a variety of training on-demand services for your convenience.

PSG has a wide selection of self-assignable game-based roles to help members connect with others who play the same games: Escape from Tarkov, Rainbow 6 Siege, ARMA 3, Insurgency Sandstorm, War Thunder, Among Us, Elite Dangerous, DCS, Red Dead Online, Satisfactory, DayZ, and more.

Join today at

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