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Banned on NMA 24/7 invasion without reason, need help

Omega echeniquemaloOmega echeniquemalo Member Posts: 1 Civilian

STEAM ID: 76561198011594115

Hi everyone, I'm writing this post because two days ago I was banned from the NMA 24/7 server for no apparent reason and I can't find anyone to contact to appeal the ban, I was playing as an insurgent, along with two random guys, I was the gunner in a car with rocket launcher, it was the beginning of the game, as soon as we reached the point, we opened fire towards the enemy btr that were coming in our direction, they shot me and hit me, I respawned, suddenly the game loading screen jumped, you were expelled from the game server, reason?, none, no reason or time appears, it keeps happening to me, I even have screenshots to prove that it is so, I am an active player on the server and I have never created any type of inconvenience to anyone, I have always tried to play my role and helped each teammate in all the rounds, I don't know what to do, I hope someone can help me.

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