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Make Marksman Viable


We all know the memes that go around about being a marksman in squad. Generally, the players that choose the marksman role are pestered and blamed for the kit as a whole. In reality, they're upset that the player hasn't yet learned how utterly useless the kit is in the game. So below are some adjustments that I believe would make the kit better.

I'll start with the thing that I believe makes the kit utterly useless. The bullet velocity. The bullet velocity for all marksman kits should be GREATLY increased. Without this adjustment, there's no use for the kit. The MG or automatic rifleman has what feels to be greater bullet velocity and in fully automatic. Seriously, just try to track and a hit a moving target and pay special attention to the lead that you have to put on it. It's very similar to the MG, but you get one exceptionally loud chance to land that shot. It's not a skill issue, it's a gun issue. That is the core of my argument.

The mobility punishments are obviously amplified when zooming to such a great distance. With that said, I think that with full stamina, the sway with no bi-pod should be greatly reduced from its current state. Even a crouching and not moving option with full stamina to reduce sway would greatly improve the kit. Unfortunately though, the sway while doing anything other that mounting and firing further nails the kit in the coffin.

These are the two largest things that if tweaked I believe would make the marksman kit exceptionally viable. I know that these would be core game play mechanic adjustments but I believe they are needed.

If y'all at OWI want to throw a camo netting option on every marksman (matching the marksmans camis) that'd be kinda cool too... although unnecessary.


  • Knyx12Knyx12 Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    So a few things first. I have been playing since before even HABs and vehicles existed with a few small breaks here and there.

    For the last year or so that I can remember, the vast majority of my hours have been as Marksman.

    I can tell you without a shadow-of-a-doubt that the majority of players who pick the kit, do NOT know how to play it properly.

    I can also tell you that the velocity, sway, and handling are all fine for the Marksman kit. I have been averaging over 15 kills and less than 5 deaths for a very very long time. In addition to that, I am almost always calling out enemy targets & marking them (FTL), and likely more than 50% of my matches, digging down at least one radio. I also typically end up with greater than 3 revives in a match as well. I also only play on the weekends typically and easily go at least 1 match every weekend with over 25 kills and still less than 5 deaths. I am also nowhere near the best player either.

    1.) If you pick Marksman and are not clamoring for a FTL position. You are doing something wrong.

    2.) If you pick Marksman and are not calling out enemy positions & movement in voice/local. You are doing something wrong.

    3.) If you pick Marksman and are sitting very far away from your squad, defensive objective, or the offensive objective for a long period of time. You are doing something wrong.

    4.) If you pick Marksman and eliminate a called out target without vocally informing the squad that the target was eliminated. You are doing something wrong.

    I can tell you that the most effective Marksman is typically playing one+ of three ways. Close support overwatch, Recon, and/or Flanking support. I myself typically spend most of my time playing sticking to a flank of my squad, slightly ahead of their path, and performing all three at the same time as much as possible. If I get snuck up on, or ambushed, or just flat out killed... that alone is an easy alert to my squad that they are being flanked as well.

    The only issue with the kit itself has to do with team cohesion mechanics and what the kit brings to the table other than simply player choices allotted to all other kits.

    The main changes I would make to the kit are to have inherent observe marker placement without requiring FTL. Make it a unique color and just the observe marker that the squad can see. The second change would be to give them laser rangefinder binocs. This way accurate rangefinding isn't specifically limited to the SL putting down a move-mark.. which lets be frank is highly unrealistic. This would give them a bit of team benefitting pieces.


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