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Add Squad-Wiki (fandom.com, former gamepedia.com) reference to game title screen

Dani3lDani3l Member Posts: 185 ★★

A massive group of volunteers (incl. myself) put countless hours into creating the biggest Squad Wiki on the internet. Please make this even more accessible to new and veteran Squad players, by adding a button in the game's title-screen that links to the Wiki, in the bottom left corner for example. (so it opens the main page in a browser https://squad.fandom.com/wiki/Squad_Wiki)

This will massively help all the new players that are overwhelmed with all the different vehicles in the game (and weapons and whatnot).

This would be a great way for you to show that you value the countless hours of volunteer work that we contributed to your masterpiece so far, and are still contributing on a nearly daily basis.

Thank you.


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