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Game status and https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad

Deserted_GoatDeserted_Goat Member Posts: 1 Civilian

You update it but you should actually read it, especially the part that says "REAL WORLD CURRENT TIME PERIOD FACTIONS, including regular and irregular forces. Meaning the inclusion of realistic tactics, weapons, accouterments, load-outs, vehicles, sounds and sights of war using highly accurate modelling accrued from our military advisors as well as years of experimentation and experience in the modding scene." Why is the rebels the only one with MLRS and why is there no AT mines for the Canuks and Brits now? Why are the insurgents the only ones with at nades and camo netting (op btw) yet rebels lost their ieds? No more slow down for dragging bodies? For what reason other than hurt immersion? Must have been the same reason AT been nerfed so hard throughout the years (Carl g hat he to helicopter is a t-shirt cannon lol). Construction takes far to long to dig now and the FOB being disabled by a full squad at 90 meters is ridiculous lol, like whoever thought that was a good idea clearly doesn't understand what kind of game this is or said history of it. Irronically this game was in a better state after "release" (still early access but reason to charge full price) with the multitudes of bugs (that still exist) and during early access than it is now, the only thing we have now that is better than back then is the new factions that took like 2 years to drop. Fix your game, nobody cares about emotes except OWI and Chinese overlords because money, the song "I Used to Love H.E.R." by Common should sum up the feels pretty well.

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