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Server Side Game Play Settings

3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 28 ★★

As I read through the suggestions on here, I am constantly reminded how frustrating it is that the game play cannot be more tailored on a per server basis. So many of the feedback ideas on these forums could be fleshed out with servers that had more game play options to them. You (Offworld) are having to make decisions on what you think your gamers would enjoy most. Instead of trying to figure it out, just allow admins to toss up servers with various settings and then sit back and watch which servers get played on the most. Stop doing the hard work of trying to make the "perfect" game and instead provide a platform where there could be lots of options and configurations to meet everyone's needs and desires!

Case in point, I just posted a new topic about the ticket bleed and how much I dislike it. I am sure this would be an easy setting to just turn off entirely in the code (and thus could be an easy checkmark on a server setting.) I would love to be able to search out the servers that have ticket bleed turned off. For those that like it because they want a quicker/shorter game, awesome, they could go and search for servers that have ticket bleed on. While Battlefield 4 was such an arcadish game to play, the one thing I LOVED about it was the server browser and being able to play on the hard core servers that had much of the beginner stuff turned off. I personally think if you would implement a better server browser, and allow for more server side game play controls, that you will do more for Squad than just about any other enhancement you have in the pipeline right now. The game is GREAT right now, but it needs to be able to handle more minor tweaks to the game that some of the community is asking for and then you can see how popular those tweaks are.


  • XXPX1XXPX1 Member Posts: 45 ★★
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    I just noticed you made this post. I will what I had over there instead.

    [edit: removed conversation and put it in the post linked above]

    While I'm sure having more server settings seems like a good idea, it just makes more permutations that need to be tested for bugs and weird edge cases. I don't want OWI to worry about every permutation of server settings with game mode and faction. It's just a nightmare. OWI should only be concerned with core game mechanics.

    I think OWI needs to focus on the modding community, because there is nothing stopping a server from running an AAS mod that removes ticket bleed -- except that no one will ever see the server in the Custom browser.

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 28 ★★

    I hate dealing with mods. I want my stuff baked in.

  • Doctor HammerDoctor Hammer Member Posts: 23 ★★

    I agree with your opinion on giving more options for gameplay, Squad Promod did a good job with this allowing ticket bleed changes etc. I don't agree with everything being modular (bugs could be an issue as well as exposure to new players being confused due to a lack of standard gameplay), and just because a server plays something more doesn't mean it's good. RAAS is a great example, that game mode is absolutely terrible, yet a lot of servers play it. Just because something is played a lot on a server does not make it good. So I am on board with your initial opinion but it seems you have a misunderstanding about some other things.

    I am sure this would be an easy setting to just turn off entirely in the code

    ^ I'm not exactly sure this is how it works haha

  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 28 ★★

    RAAS is a great example, that game mode is absolutely terrible, yet a lot of servers play it

    I'm pretty certain a lot of servers play it because a lot of people like it. Your comment is the EXACT reason I'm thankful there are different game styles. Can you imagine if RAAS was the ONLY game style because OWI decided that's what most people wanted? Personally, I like RAAS. You don't like it, cool, I respect that and you are probably playing on AAS or Invasion servers. I'm very thankful their are different game modes so both you and I can enjoy Squad the way we like it. I just wish there were more modifications available to the games and we could filter on those when looking for servers.

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