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Removing give up button and reducing bleed out time

Cieri100Cieri100 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hello peeps. So yesterday i got a feel for how the squad SDK is like, and today i want to get started on doing some changes for my friends server. The wishes was removing give up button and making the bleed timer a locked 120sec instead of the current 300sec. Is this even possible? Removing give up button is not the worst id imagine. Can anyone point me i the right direction? And how would i implement and cook the mod with only those changes? Very basic understandings of coding here, thanks in advance

I dont understand how those UI blueprints are supposed to be moved into a mod folder in SDK, i would absolutely LOVE some guidance.

And if you are interested in joining this server after its completed, or help me set everything up correctly, i would be willing to pay commission. but would also like to try it myself if it doesnt require alot of coding and if its not very time consuming

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