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-✘- Expats Social Club

VohkVohk Member Posts: 1 Civilian


Welcome to the Expats Social Club! Our aim is to create a low-pressure, good-vibes space to hang out and game. We welcome new players and old looking for a fun and focused Squad experience, fresh challenges and familiar battlefields. And we don't just play Squad! Stop by for variety games, tabletop nights, and other games of all sorts.

For server reports, ban appeals, or just to chill, please visit our Discord: https://discord.gg/expats



1. Be excellent to each other. No hate speech, racism, bigotry, or personal attacks. No hacking, or exploiting.

2. Engage with the objectives. No team killing, trolling, hindering, ghosting, or asset wasting. No heli ramming.

3. No main camping, to be judged by intent.

4. All squad leads must have an SL kit, a mic, and communicate in English. Do not create a squad you do not intend to lead.

5. Vehicle claims are first come, first serve.

6. Vehicles requiring the gunner have a crewman kit must have 2 crewman before leaving main.

7. Heli squads are limited to 4-players; SL must be with the asset.

8. No advertising or spam, in chat or voice. Music over local is fine, but be respectful of others. No impersonating admins.

9. We reserve the right to remove any player to protect the health of our community.


This server is group friendly, although groups should try to:

1. Remain on the same team, ask an admin for a team swap if needed.

2. Balance teams. Please be mindful of team balance. Groups will be assisted with swapping teams to correct balancing.

Please Note→ Severely imbalanced teams after multiple rounds may result in randomized teams.

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