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New Factions

HohlerYetiHohlerYeti Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Dear Squad Devs,

could you please add a German and a French Faktion into the game, since both of these have so much Potential for Weapons (G36c, Mp7, MG3, G27 and for French: Famas, HK412, Scar F) new Uniforms, Tanks like the Leopard, Puma, Marder, Fuchs, Dingo, Eagle V and so on. The french got unique Vehicles like Lelerc, AMX, VABS, PVP and so on. For Command Airstrike you can add the Tornado or the Eurofighter. And with these factions you can also add a ton of new maps with new Terrain.

And it would also be amazing to add more Snipers and maybe add Thermal Scopes and thermal Scopes for the Tank gunner.

Night map Versions of already Existing maps would be easy to make but incredibly cool

Please think about adding atleast some features from this list in Future updates, i think everyone would be pleased and amazed to see these things added to the game.


  • realdreadrealdread Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Would love to see the Koch G36 for the germans if they're added.

  • Bogdan1Bogdan1 Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Maybe to add Israel we could have merkava and more things

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